Are you at a loss for words sometimes? Sure you are, every writer is. Even the most experienced among us stumble. We hit writer’s block, can’t find the right words or fail to make sentences sing. And as editors, we sometimes fear we’ve overlooked the obvious. No more, though. …

“When we came back to Paris it was clear and cold and lovely.” With these words, Ernest Hemingway opens chapter 2 in A Moveable Feast (1964). For grammatical purists, this sentence flouts a few basic grammar rules, with its simple adjectives, repetitive “and” and lack of a comma after “Paris”.

Sometimes, the shoemaker has no shoes. Since I am a web designer and work with websites all day long, you’d think I would take care of my own website as well. Wrong.

In 2018, 20 years after I hand-coded the very first iteration of my site, I finally redesigned the…

A male avatar as default. I don't wear ties.

I just stumbled upon yet another example of puzzling, gender-biased UX/UI that flies under the radar and dismisses half of its users.

ManageWP places on every profile a male avatar wearing a tie as default that can’t be changed easily. The company suggests you pull into your profile a new…

WordPress fuels simple 1-page blogs AND it handles enormous fully-featured commercial and publishing endeavors; it grows with your needs and you’re in charge. But there’s more to it.

WordPress was first introduced in 2003. What started as a simple intuitive blogging platform on a pre-defined design theme has since grown…

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